Joining and applying to =[T*F*A]=

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Joining and applying to =[T*F*A]=

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Hello and welcome to =[T*F*A]=forum

Before applying to join, there are some things you should know.

We are only looking for gamers, who treat others with respect. With the goal of having a good time together , forming lasting friendships and maybe becombe a band of brothers.
Skills can be taught, mentality and attitude not. We have been around for a long while, have seen a lot.
We are just looking to have a good time playing games with mindliked people, and have fun together. Also provide a base, where we can share all kinds of knowledge and information, to improve the experience in the games we play.

Even though we have players of varying level of knowledge and skill, we do not appreciate big ego's.
You are welcome to apply if you feel you meet the description.

Prior to joining, we would like you to play a while with us first, and have been on our voicecoms.
How long it takes before you actually become a member, depends on how much you have played with us.
In this period, we hope you familiarize yourselve with our members , and the community rules and most importantly have a good time.


-working microphone
-must be able to communicate in english
-good attitude
-willingness to check the forum and stay informed on community events

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