About us: =[T*F*A]=

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About us: =[T*F*A]=

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Some of the friendships in this group have lasted for over 15 years allready, some shorter and some have just joined.
We have seen many people come, and seen many go with time.

We originally started out as a group of individuals with the goal of establishing a gaming community, where people would come to play together, respect eachother, and become friends rather than just clanmates.
Our common intrest being, our passion for gaming, playing games tactically and strategically.
Therefor we started up =[T*F*A]= Tactical Frag Addicts...….The name pretty much summs up, who we be and have lived up to be.

We have been active in various franchises, ranging from arcade games, to full flown sims, and we are fairly sure , we are going to the old people homes, and continue gaming.
We might change our name then to Tactical Frag Grannies, but till that time. You can expect to see us in a wide range of games.

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