About us: Tactical Frag Addicts

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About us: Tactical Frag Addicts

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Two rivalising clans/squadron in the game Novalogic Lightning 3, decide to try merging. Most of the members had been rivals but friendly towards eachother.
While it seemed a good idea, it failed because some individuals wanted to claim ownership.
During the merge, 2 members, Sixer (aka Skillz) and Grendel, had started playing Battlefield 2 together.
While never had met before in-game prior they decided to play together with the intention to start a new wing for the new community.
Discontent with the behaviour we had seen in both clans in the proces of the merge, they decided to start a clan/community.
Together with some new members we had met in Battlefield, we formed Frag-Addicts [FA].


We decided to move on and change our name to Tactical Frag Addits =[T*F*A]=.
Main reason being, that this name suits our gamestyle best. Since then we have been active in various games, from First Person Shooters, to Racing- and Combatsimulators
Our members pretty much play a wide variety of games with no exception to genre. Its mostly based on person preferences.
However there are many games we have in common and (intend to) play as a group in.
We gained members from all over the world.


After a period of slow (in)activity for various reasons, Tactical Frag Addicts has been re-activated and re-vamped. Some members had been playing together still, some lost internet for various reasons, or had other obligations in life.
With all the lessons of the past in our minds, and all the great times we had together in memory, we now set out on a bigger adventure.
Our goal is to do what we have done in the past, and also make sure the community is selve-reliant financially and eventually even earn money with various activities regarding gaming.
Even though we are with just a few at the moment of this writing. We never have cared for quantity, quality takes time.
We hope to make many more cool memories and continue to have a great time gaming together and more.

What makes =[T*F*A]= unique?


This community is owned by its members.

Members who shown their loyalty, dedication, determination towards the community and its members ,and who embody the spirit of community.
In our opinion, its all the amazing people in the community who make it what is.
Therefor we find it only fair, that everybody should eventually be able to feel that they are valued for that.

The gaming industry is a ever growing and expanding industry, and as community there will be some activities where we intend to make money with.
The goal is to ensure that everybody, will profit of that in a fairly manner. However we will NEVER attempt to make money of our members.
Instead we are going to do some community activities, that will generate funds by the members and the community.
Our aim is to get more positive out of gaming, for fellow gamers aswell as member of this community.
We are a non-profit organisation.

Some of us have been gaming for decades, and will be for the next decades to come. Tactical Frag Addicts is for gamers of all ages, and we dont care where you from. All we care for is a mature attitude, the intention and will to play as a member of a team.
Our main mission is to have fun together gaming, share the knowledge,experience and skills we accumulate while gaming, for the better of the community, all members and help fellow gamers bring their game to a higher level.

Throughout the existence of our community, We have made awesome memories and friendships. We aim to continue doing so.

Tactical Frag Addicts - By gamers, For gamers
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